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  Issue : 63        Copyright © 2010 - 2012 The Student Post 週一到週五 雙語新聞 @ The China Post             November 21 ~ 25, 2011

The American Dream 


Socially conscious café sells for US$100



For a mere US$100 (approximately NT$3,038), Nell Benton has found herself not just a job, but sole ownership in a restaurant that would seem to be a perfect fit.

It's not often a viable neighborhood restaurant is sold for US$100 and Benton said she feels fortunate to be chosen to run the socially conscious café on Milwaukee's near south side.

Founder Michael Diedrick chose Benton, 35, an out-of-work chef, to take over the National Café and Takeaway, an eclectic establishment and anchor for a neighborhood in transition.

Diedrick, 40, started the café three years ago with the goal of bettering the neighborhood and introducing Milwaukee to sustainable concepts typically found at restaurants in larger cities. It was valued at about US$50,000 (approximately NT$1.52 million).

He received two dozen applications for the restaurant and selected Benton from a dozen he interviewed. Benton, who was unemployed and working on a catering business plan, bought the café with a US$100 bill earlier this month.

"I definitely had higher offers, but I accepted the one with the most promise," Diedrick said, adding that the sale "got everyone in town talking about the National, and did something we often forget to do: help someone realize a dream."

Diedrick, who operates a website design studio three doors down from the café, said he had opened it as an experiment with the plan to find the right owner, a process that took longer than he thought it would.

As a condition of the sale, Benton has to keep the staff, maintain the café name and keep the food the same for two years. She also must feed Diedrick and his wife a meal a day for one year, and remain in the same location for two years while serving sustainable and local food.

For Benton, who also has worked to help refugees, it's a rare opportunity to be part of something larger. The café is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and she plans to let it out for evening events by area non-profit groups.

"I wanted to be able to marry the two backgrounds, and the National Café is perfect for that," said Benton, who officially takes ownership on Dec. 1.

The café offers locally grown, organic food. Sustainability is another focus. Restaurant patrons are asked to return compostable leftover containers for recycling in a backyard garden where cucumbers, cilantro, chard and basil grow on raised soil beds over formerly crumbling concrete.

"It's a matter of doing things right to show other restaurants, 'hey you can do this, it doesn't cost that much more, and you should,'" stated Diedrick.


























Keywords: a perfect fit (idm.) 完美的選擇
(adj.) 不拘一格的
                  to be valued at a certain price
(phr.) 估價
(n.) 香菜
(n.) 唐萵苣
(n.)  羅勒


Space cruiser stakeout


Darth Vader claims land plot in Ukraine


Welcoming the local authorities' move to the dark side, Darth Vader has asked for a land plot in the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odessa to park his space ship.

An Odessite dressed as the Star Wars villain visited the mayor's office earlier this month to claim a free land plot citing Ukrainian legislation which grants every citizen the right to own 1,000 square meters of land.


His visit followed a decision by city authorities to grant attractive land plots along the sea coast to a group of people for free, prompting public concerns about corruption, according to local media.

The mayor's office has since said the move was a mistake but has not yet canceled it, according to local news website Dumskaya.net.


"I am Darth Vader, the right hand of Emperor Palpatine," the man introduced himself to amused policemen, as seen in a video posted on YouTube and accompanied by the Imperial March music. "Knowing that many [local legislature] deputies and the mayor have switched to the dark side, I have come for a land plot for my space cruiser," he stated.


Officials accepted the man's application after he showed his passport and removed the black helmet equipped with a voice-distorting device.


"The application has been registered and will be considered," a spokeswoman for the mayor's office stated, adding for clarification that "we are not on the dark side, we are light-side people."












這名男子向被逗樂的警官們這樣介紹自己:「我是黑武士,西斯大帝麾下的大將。」這段影像已被上傳到 YouTube 網站上,還配上了帝國行進曲。他指出:「得知許多(當地立法機構)議員以及市長都已經加入黑暗勢力 ,我要來聲請一片土地來停靠我的宇宙戰艦。






Keywords: the dark side (phr.) 黑暗面
                  to grant
(v.) 給予
(adj.) 有吸引力的
                  to be someone's right hand

(adj.) 被逗樂的
                  space cruiser (Star Wars lingo)

                                  ( 星際大戰術語)宇宙戰艦


No place like home


Family seeks government help to return former ‘slave’ from the US


An aboriginal family in southeastern Taitung County has said they will ask the government for assistance to bring their lost daughter home from the U.S. after learning of her desire to return to Taiwan.

Ho Hsiao-ying said she recognized the image of her elder sister Ho Hsiao-fong, who now uses the English name Isabel, after her niece showed her a photo that appeared on CNN. Isabel was featured in a CNN Freedom Project report about modern slavery.

Ho said her mother could not stop crying after identifying the woman in the report as her daughter. During her interview with CNN, Isabel said that she left her adoptive family in the U.S. after working for many years as a domestic slave. She also expressed her desire to be reunited with her birth mother in Taiwan.

Ho Hsiao-ying said her mother gave birth to six girls. Due to their financial situation, her family was reluctantly forced to give two of them away to rich families when they reached 7 and 8 years old. Her mother hoped that they would be able to lead better lives away from the impoverished family from the Paiwan aboriginal tribe.

Isabel contacted her family in Taiwan in 2001 to obtain legal documents so she could immigrate to the U.S. Ho said her family had believed that Isabel was leading a better life in the U.S., although they had no way of contacting her.

She said that she had held certain misgivings about her sister, assuming that she was unwilling to get in touch with her original, poor family in Taiwan. However, the CNN report revealed Isabel's miserable life in the U.S. and the family will now use every method at their disposal to get her back to Taiwan, Ho said.

According to the CNN report, Isabel eventually met someone who helped her escape from her American family. No criminal charges were brought against the family, who brought Isabel to the U.S. from Taiwan. Isabel has settled a civil lawsuit with that family and is no longer in touch with them. Ho said her family will seek aid from the county government and the central government to locate her sister in the U.S. and bring her home.



家屬何曉英表示,在姪女讓她看了一張登在美國有線電視新聞網 CNN 上的女性照片後,她就認出那是失散多年的姐姐何曉鳳。何曉鳳的英文化名為伊莎貝爾,她出現在「CNN 自由計畫」的現代奴隸系列報導中。

何曉英表是母親認出報導中的女子為親生女兒後難過不已。何曉鳳接受 CNN 專訪時表示在美國當奴隸多年後,便離開了寄養家庭。她也表達想回到台灣和生母團聚的期望。



何曉英表示曾懷疑過姊姊是不是因為台灣的原住民家庭太窮困才不願聯絡。不過從 CNN 的報導中得知姊姊在美國的悲慘際遇後,全家人現在決定要不記一切代價將她帶回台灣。



Keywords: slavery (n.) 奴隸身分;奴役
adoptive (adj.) 收養的
reluctantly (adv.) 不情願地;勉強地
impoverished (adj.) 窮困的
misgiving (n.) 擔憂;疑慮
to be at someone's disposal  (phr.)




Healing hands


NTUH doctors save a mainland Chinese girl suffering from a rare disease


Doctors in Taiwan have saved the life of a 5-year-old mainland Chinese girl suffering from a rare medical disorder. The girl suffers from hyperammonemia, a potentially fatal condition that can also lead to brain dysfunctions.

The youngster, named Pingping, appeared at a press conference following her treatment for the illness. "Thank you everyone," she said softly and shyly during the event, which was arranged by National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH). NTUH was responsible for saving the young girl.

During the press conference, Pingping ran up and down, showing no signs that she could have died from the condition two years ago. Her elder sister died of the same disease when she was 2 years old as hospitals in their home province of Shandong, eastern China, were unable to cure her, Pingping's mother said.

Patients with hyperammonemia suffer from a metabolic deficiency that results in excess levels of ammonia in their blood. Pingping's mother said the family, fearing that Pingping could suffer the same fate as her sister, decided to seek help in Taiwan.

Pingping first visited NTUH for treatment in 2009. At that time, doctors working at the hospital managed to stabilize her condition with medication.

She then returned home to China with enough medication for two years. She returned to NTHU recently for a checkup, which showed that her disease has been brought under control.









Keywords: dysfunction (n.) 官能不良
metabolic (adj.) 新陳代謝的
excess (adj.) 過量的
ammonia (n.)
to stabilize (v.) 使穩定
checkup (n.)  體格檢查







They feast on lamb eyeballs and beaver tails


Cooked lamb eyeballs, boiled fertilized duck eggs and beaver tails are just a few of the more unusual dishes sampled by a club of adventurous eaters called the Gastronauts.

Started in March of 2006 by two friends who wanted to try some of the more exotic foods that could be found in New York, the first meeting of the club attracted only six people. But it has now grown to more than 1,000 members in New York and Los Angeles, and there are plans to expand to other U.S. cities.

"I've always been a big fan of new foods; I'll never say no," said Curtiss Calleo, an art director and graphic designer who founded the club with magazine editor Ben Pauker. "Gastronauts is a great way to meet new people, try new foods, and explore the city."

Calleo said the club is open to everyone, and counts bankers, artists, journalists, designers and an acupuncturist among its members. There are no fees to join and members pay for their own meals which are held monthly in restaurants.

"It's a social experience as well as a culinary experience," Calleo explained. "We get a lot of stories about travel and food-related illness, like Montezuma's revenge," he added, referring to the stomach upset caused by eating unfamiliar foods or drinking foreign water.

Calleo and Pauker both spent their childhoods living in various countries, which sparked their curiosity about unfamiliar foods.

At their last gathering in New York they ate balut, which is a Philippine snack of boiled fertilized duck eggs. Calleo recalled that: "There's a reason why people eat this stuff. In many cases, cultures have had hundreds of years to make the food palatable or even exquisite."

While no one is forced to eat anything, he said the goal is to "try to try," which reflects the group's spirit of culinary adventure. "It's rare for people to change their minds once they're here," he said. "I think it's a mixture of peer pressure and a welcoming environment."

At November's Gastronauts dinner at a New York-based Yemeni restaurant, Calleo extracted a piece of eyeball from a cooked lamb skull and brought it toward his mouth as those seated around him cheered.

"It's kind of jelly-like," Calleo said as he chewed carefully, comparing it to an earlier dish served during the meal. "The eye area usually isn't as creamy as the brain. "It's springy but not greasy like fat."



美食先鋒俱樂部當初是由一對想嚐試更多異國美食的好友所發想,於是他們在二○○六在紐約開 店,雖然俱樂部的首次聚會只吸引了六人參加,不過現在紐約和洛杉磯的會員人數加起來已破千人。










Keywords: to fertilize (v.) 使受精
(n.) 針灸醫生
                  Montezuma's revenge
(n.) 痢疾;腹瀉

                  (Editor's note 譯註:原指去墨西哥旅行的人)
                  peer pressure
(phr.) 同儕壓力
                  to extract
(v.) 抽出
(adj.) 有彈性的

「我怎們知道妳劈腿了?我就告訴妳吧…就是蚜蟲,珍妮!醫生說我有蚜蟲!! 呵!呵!呵!

(譯註:本漫畫影射美國冷凍及罐頭食品品牌 Green Giant 綠巨人。)


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